Underage Drinking is Topic at Iowa Squadron Meeting

Underage Drinking is Topic at Iowa Squadron Meeting


 1st Lt Janice Lewandowski
Northwest Iowa Composite Squadron
Drug Demand Reduction Officer

After reading an article on underage drinking in the local newspaper (Fort Dodge Messenger, February 20, 2012), 1st Lt Jan Lewandowski of the Northwest Iowa Composite Squadron (NWICS) contacted the author, Erin Ruden, about attending the March 3rd squadron meeting to discuss the material.

Ruden, a sophomore at Fort Dodge Senior High School, wrote the article on the effects of binge drinking. She wrote the paper for an English II research project, titled “The Fatal Effects of Underage Drinking”.

1st Lt Lewandowski is the Drug Demand Reduction Officer for the NWICS, and took a special interest in having this young lady speak to the cadets and adults in the squadron. Originally Ruden was of the opinion that the drinking age should be lowered to 18. As she began doing her research she changed her view on this completely.

Ruden and her mother accepted the invitation to the squadron’s meeting and Erin presented her research paper. She also showed the squadron the official declaration made by the Ft Dodge mayor, Matt Bemrich, announcing Dec.15th, 2011 as Binge Drinking Awareness Day in Fort Dodge. Erin spent time answering questions, as well having time for the cadets to share about the wonderful opportunities available in the Civil Air Patrol.

This event was a great way to have the cadets see how one person can make a difference in a community. It was also a great experience to hear Erin share how her opinion on this subject changed from inception to final report, and how that change of opinion has affected the way her peers look at her and the standards she has set for herself in this area.

“Follow Your Dream and Stay Clean”


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